Launching The Floral Collective

Launching The Floral Collective

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Why join the Floral Collective? 

Joining The Floral Collective offers a variety of benefits to mind, body and soul. It will bring together a small community of like minded floral lovers who share a passion for self care and all things floral.

What is Floral Mindfulness and why I am promoting it? 

Floral mindfulness involves immersing yourself in the beauty and scents of flowers to promote relaxation and presence. Take a moment to focus on the details of a flower, inhale its fragrance, and let it anchor you in the present moment. It takes away the outside noise and gives you a few precious hours out of hectic life to focus on something for you and flowers release chemicals called Mycobacterium vaccae that signals the brain to release serotonin, which makes us happy. 

How will the Floral Collective work?

The Floral Collective will be held at Olive May Floral Design’s studio each Wednesday for 6 weeks, it will be limited to 4 people, so that the experience is intimate and personable.

Each session will start at 6.30pm prompt and finish at 8pm. There will be 6 classes in total which will be booked as a block booking £360. Price works out at £60 per class, this includes all materials and refreshments. (Payment is upfront or payment options are available via Klarna)

How do I join the club? 

You can join The Floral Collective by clicking the button below which will take you to our online shop to purchase.

Once joined you will get a welcome email with all the dates that the collective will run and the weekly lesson plan. The first Collective will start on Wednesday 10th January 2024.

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