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Our Name

So what’s in a name? Quite a lot really, Olive May Floral Design is a mini tribute to two great women. Both of my Nans.

They were both great lovers of flowers and while I only got to meet Olive the stories of May’s love of flowers were a big inspiration to me. Both of these women struck a chord with me and inspired my fascination with all things floral.

Nan Olive – ever fond of her garden, taking care of her borders and beloved roses; which she always told me to keep away from in case I damaged them… Oh how things have changed!.
My Nan May was never lucky enough to have a large garden to grow and enjoy her blooms, instead she utilised pots to grow her plants or flowers and enjoyed them that way.
They both had a great love for roses of any kind, just like me, my favourites being scented garden roses. 

Our Style

Our designs are described as romantic, natural, and luxurious.

We are not your traditional florist by any means, and that is what we pride ourselves on. We embrace texture, fragrance, colour, and a higher grade of flower choice to ensure you are thrilled by the blooms you receive, whether that be for a special occasion or your wedding day.

Wherever possible we keep it British and use British grown blooms which sometimes brings unusual and not the run-of-the-mill flowers through our doors. This is one of the many things we love about sourcing from British growers! We also source Dutch-grown blooms from our friends over in Holland, which are just as beautiful. When sourcing our flowers for our events or special occasions wherever possible I am there in person in the early hours to make sure the quality of the flowers are the absolute best.

We’re sure you’ll love our blooms as much as we do!

want to know more?

want to know more?